Thursday, March 10, 2016


It’s dusk and the piss yellow skies are darkening over the mentholated haze…on the skyline lights are coming on one by one and above slabs of shitcement the towers and dishes and spires look like electronic tumbleweeds against the horizon----before long trinity will be straddling the city as she does in many places, her pink and white neon frame blinking and shaking in open invitation--- a clarion call for the spirit not unlike the kicking haffner mule and the 24 hour party going on at the all night gas stop…big petroleum pinata…trinity provokes over cities great and small, she’s in new york, she’s in la, she’s in paris, london and there are even stories of her looming over new kowloon if you can imagine that…
there was that isolated moment in history when religion saw itself for exactly the monster it had become and so for the most part came the collapse…now it creeps along in an anachronistic, almost apologetic fashion and monsters are almost always more pleasant to deal with when their teeth have been taken out…..most people take it for granted that the huge woman looming seductively over all of us is a monster…sure if she is she’s no more one than the old glorious nuchunga building or bill’s instant quinoa (good and it’s good for you)----religion, at any rate, concluded (survival instinct) that it needed to do some serious backpedaling in order to win friends…free tickets to paradise, we’re really not as bad as you think, we haven’t slaughtered the infidel today and everyone’s favorite, beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy….it was a public relations bonanza….and of course, now we got trinity towering over every berg offering all and sundry a glimpse up that hiked-up skirt…go ahead and get yourself a gander, kid----just remember she’s a monster that’s been defanged---
heard this joke once….a rabblerouser and two pickpockets have been nailed to trees on a hill….some rube was walking past the carcasses when he very faintly hears the second pickpocket singing, “tea…for two…and two….for tea…”
that was an old favorite of mine….i might not be remembering it correctly….maybe you just hadda be there….

Copyright 2014 C.F. Roberts/2016 Molotov Editions 


Chris Bell-I Am the Cosmos
Big Star-Kangaroo
Boredoms-Super Coming
Flaming Lips-Zaireeka LP