Saturday, December 27, 2014

Here, Now

First post: So far we've been pretty bereft of snow here in Northwest Arkansas (he says, knocking on the head he claims is wood)-----this is a sequence of little poems I wrote back in 2010, when we had a lot of snow and ice.

1. slow day at the mailbox.
bank telling me i have no money.
social security telling me i have no future.

2. proletarian doldrums.
three flights of stairs, dirty shoes.
11pm, the black cat gripes.

3. retro-70s playback.
gene simmons telling me i have nothing to lose.
johnny rotten telling me i have no future.

4. restless cat on camera case,
busy day snowed in.

5. winter wonderland pissing snow
we want scorpions and rattlers.

6. train howls its lonesome in the holler;
dogs of dogtown a mocking choir

7. caffeine pinball brain, foot dancing
the wife hammers out revisions

8. pastels and mod podge on coffee table
empty canvas, bad ideas

9. novelty songs peel forth
it's halloween again; it's always halloween

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