Tuesday, January 6, 2015


i fell into your rabbit hole
to the tune of innocuous beckoning,
smiling ghosts
now caught in the tube and
choking in the confines

bad little rabbit hole
sordid point of light
angels, devils, children,
dancing on the head of a pin

and now i need to tell you i have no use for nostalgia

i love you and i hate you
as young hormones only dictate
i go on half answers, half stories, usually less

yet i swear i killed these demons years ago
DIY, cold turkey when a pin prick
dropped me back down for a visit
baleful stares and old favors
your rabbit hole, your garbage dump
the bottomless pit,
the best years of your lives

i love you and i hate you
i recognize you but i don't know you
nothing much has never felt
quite this bad
nothing worthwhile  has never marked me
quite this deep

angels, devils, children,
dancing like pinheads
here's your auld lang syne and a
bullet in my brain

pulled down your rabbit hole, your toilet bowl
and i need to reiterate
i have no use for nostalgia


copyright 2010, C.F. Roberts/Molotov Editions

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