Thursday, February 26, 2015


                                                 "Rock'n'Roll" Mixed Media on Canvas


windshield at 85 per
lurched through to a
new world dashing
skleesh of his exit
spider design on glass
airborne he was tore
on the way out rips
and rags out Cornelia's
pretty creampuff prom
gown her daddy paid
pretty pennies out the
window Johnny visited
stellar ribbons of
sudden, spectacular red
all in a whipping spiral
on her too late the medics
dead on landing the
next week followed not
unlike the denouement of
a bad afterschool special
Johnny was like rock and
roll he was their lives'
James Dean immaculate
scapegoat savior pawn
come day after burial the
crew held sad court and
tribute Miguel emptied a
whiskey flask onto the
planted FTD package a
doo-wop ballad come alive

Copyright 1992 C.F. Roberts/Shockbox Press, 2015 Molotov Editions
I know somebody ran this one back in the day....was it FEARLESS/DDDB? SIVULLINEN? No longer sure. It was a favorite of mine and I used to read it live a lot.